“Great songs and great performance at the Rivoli!” – Joey Nico Than “I was blown away by [her] confidence, song writing and TALENT!” – Heather Christine”

Zaynab Wilson - Desert Flower

 The Beginning From the age of six, I was playing and performing the Steelpan – the national instrument of my parents’ birthplace of Trinidad and Tobago, with my family band in and around Montreal. At age 14, my curiosity and independence led me to the drums, which opened my eyes and ears to a different way of experiencing music. Interpreting rhythms has always been one of my unmistakable strengths and, in many ways, finding the drums helped develop my boundary-less musical exploration from jazz to alternative metal and indie rock, all in addition to the range of music I grew up listening to: Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Toto, to name a few. 

Now While drums are my main instrument, having completed my Bachelor of Music at Humber College in 2014, I am an equally talented percussionist, vocalist and songwriter. A few of my most relatable influences are Brian Blade, an exceptional drummer and singer-songwriter, and Norah Jones, whose musical style has been an influence of mine since age 15. While I am a member of three bands and support a number of local artists as a drummer and percussionist, I am currently releasing as a singer-songwriter and percussionist who may, from time to time, groove out on the drums. This works for my creative vision as I can tour extensively and collaborate with artists abroad and grow my sound into a truly unique musical experience.

Press Photos

Zaynab Live @ the Painted Lade (Toronto)

Zaynab Live @ the Painted Lade (Toronto)

Performing with Jason Wilson Band

Performing with Jason Wilson Band

future plans

- Record a full-length album by the end of this year and tour it across Canada, Europe and Australia, ideally performing my music at the Woodford Folk Festival, the following year 
-Build a community through my music by doing empowerment and percussion workshops alongside touring; I have already submitted my lyrics for a collaborative workshop involving grade 3 classes in Ontario. 
-Strengthen and develop relations with potential artist collaborations including Xavier Rudd, Norah Jones, James Vincent McMorrow; each of whom have inspired aspects of my music 
-Continue to develop as an artist by exploring finer details of my instrumentation setup, my vocal training and seeking out maestros of the percussion world to train with.

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