“Great songs and great performance at the Rivoli!” – Joey Nico Than “I was blown away by [her] confidence, song writing and TALENT!” – Heather Christine”

Zaynab Wilson - Desert Flower

A Montréal-born Trinidadian-Canadian, Zaynab Wilson brings a wealth of cultural and musical diversity to her sound which draws from her Caribbean roots mixed with folk, her heart and soul. The Live Video EP (2018) is the debut to her emergence as a singer-songwriter and showcases Zaynab is her most comfortable and natural state as a performer. As a multi-instrumentalist, Zaynab has performed with artists in Canada, Trinidad, Mexico, Australia, UK, and Europe. She has independently toured her original music on both Canadian coasts in 2018 and, continuing with the flow in 2019, will be releasing her first studio EP, touring North American and remaining open to the possibilities and opportunities that will meld her worlds of community-bridging, music, education, and travel.

Press Photos

Zaynab Live @ the Painted Lade (Toronto)

Zaynab Live @ the Painted Lade (Toronto)

future plans

-Releasing an EP by the end of this year and tour it across Canada, Europe, and Australia, ideally performing my music at the Woodford Folk Festival, the following year 
-Build a community through my music by doing empowerment and percussion workshops alongside touring; I have already submitted my lyrics for a collaborative workshop involving grade 3 classes in Ontario. 
-Raise my frequencies and my musical presence in order to connect with potential artist collaborations including Norah Jones, Emily King, Daniel Ceasar, Leon Bridges, James Vincent McMorrow; each of whom have contributed to my musical inspiration.
-Continue to develop as an artist by exploring finer details of my instrumentation setup, my vocal training and seeking out maestros of the percussion world to train with.

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