Making a mark on the world


Let's share some secrets, unabashedly.


My name is Zaynab, and I'm an artist ready and willing to share the not-so-secret secrets of my journey as a creative exposée. Meaning, I'll be sharing secrets of my process, and we'll likely find we have very much in common. Currently, I am motivated by three questions: What is the recent love story, what is my purpose or how is my life in service, and what is one of my artist secrets. 

Let's start with the latest love story...


I often use stories to get into the main story, like this:

I was at a dinner gathering where little clusters of conversations were happening all at once when, suddenly, I observed as we all fell into the story of one of the guests. And rightfully so; the story, which I've since forgotten, was exciting and well delivered. One of the guests, who was initially engaged in a cluster conversation with the storyteller, then asked, "so, that was your favourite love story?" That got us all laughing as we thought about how his story related to their conversation on love stories. It seemingly didn't relate, but I couldn't help but wonder... (thanks Carrie)


What was my recent, unconventional, love story that didn't necessarily relate to a romance with another being?

Well, my latest love story was landing on page 275 of My Heart Wanders and recognizing the message spelled out for me in the two words "artist's secrets". In just these two words, I felt a calling to explore and uncover the secrets of creatives and artists, beginning with myself, and the process of "making our mark on the world" (Bijkerk, 275). 

Pause. What is the difference between a "creative" and an "artist"? Good question. 

Upon a quick online search from Idea Sandbox, I am working with the understanding that creativity explores the use of imagination in our daily lives (something we all do), while artistry is channeling that imagination and creativity into a fine art, a profession (something we all can do). This was a helpful finding for me and maybe for you as well.

Back to the love story... 

I loved that the book is the memoir of the mother of a singing student I have been mentoring (oh, yes, I am a musical artist ;)). I love that she, the author, Pia, and I get along very well and her words resonate with the soul. Pia is a mother, a daughter, an author, an artist, a human, walking her journey with so much grace. Pia reminds me of my mother who is also a daughter, an artist, a human, walking her journey with so much grace. This resonance brought out a refreshing perspective that we are so much more than a singular label or identity, like being a mother, that often casts a shadow on the many other facets that allow us to fully make our mark on the world.

What's my purpose and how am I in service...

"We can do anything, but we can't do everything" was a statement made by the story-telling dinner guest mentioned earlier, suggesting that we should focus on one aspect of all the potential we hold. 

According to a Gene Keys profile a dear friend completed for me, my life's work is being, at ease, and my purpose is love. I like that. I love that. I believe in my purpose of being in service, as a musician, as a daughter, as a dynamic and multi-faceted being capable of doing anything. Earlier this year, while on the second hitch-hike of my life, I met a kind older man who asked about my origin (specifically, where I got my complexion from), and what I did. I can't remember the "cheeky" response I gave to the first question, probably something along the lines of "from the sun", and replied "a musician" to the second. However, with fewer performance opportunities, I was picking up work as a dishy (Australian for "dishwasher" (lol)) and housecleaner. I shared this with him, and to that he replied, "whatever we do, do it with love". I love that, too. So, maybe to answer this question with a little more depth, my purpose is being with my creativity, however wavering it can be at times and wherever it comes out, and to practice being in love with whatever I do, be it dishes or writing a song.

And finally, what's my artist secret...

With all this build up, I confess that I ask myself "what am I actually doing" nearly every day. Big secret. 

I, maybe like many, require regular self-reminding that I am, in fact, where I am supposed to be, and to keep going with my artistic expression. It's a gentle reminder-to-self when I get sidetracked by my perception of the glorious social media stories of fellow artist’s expressing their excellence freely, confidently, and boldly. I struggle with that aspect of sharing, sometimes feeling like I don't have anything to say, really. But I do. I know I've got a story and process worth sharing, one that feels more and more magical, mystical, and relevant. Like Pia, like my mother, I am navigating my journey as a singing, drumming, cleaning, introverted, Divinely-guided, adventurous, intuitive, and sensitive human being. This is a secret, a story, a loop I can begin to release

Well, there you have it, folks...

Following through on my plan to start a blog and share it! Thanks for reading along.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the statement, "we can do anything, but we can't do everything", and what comes up for you.

And, of course, what is your artist or creative secret?



Speak soon