2024 Updates

“When you listen, you learn. Remember that. In music and in life” - Mitch Albom, The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto


Peaceful greetings and thanks for checking in.

Landed. Home again. Reflecting. Integrating. Still, I embrace it all, however it flows, trusting where I'll go. I couldn't plan the past five years, it was an experience in going with the flow. Forever changed.

I'm working on an album. An album of songs and stories from being on the road, recorded here and there.  You can check out some of the tracks in their demo phase here

If you're looking for a blog read, it's coming... 

Catch me at one of these performances (and/or help me get few more lined up!)

Gratitude for the gifts in everyone and everything. Especially this family bunch (a most recent family performance)!

Peace, wherever and however you may be.


New Music Video

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