A Montréal-born Trinidadian-Canadian, Zaynab Wilson shares a wealth of cultural and musical diversity in her sound. Emerging as a singer-songwriter, she draws inspiration from her Caribbean roots and merges folk with her heart and soul.  

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Wed, August 21, 2019

Thank you for sticking with me and checking in on my latest material. I am just wrapping up a month of performing in cities in both Canada and the US. All I can say is that I've grown exponentially and am excited to utilize the tools and resources I am coming to understand as well as opening up to the personal connections who are a part of the journey. Feel free to join the mailing list to get some personal updates and happenings beyond what you can find on the website. For now, I am pleased to share video snippets of recent performances that showcase a clip of an upcoming single release (!) and a collaborative performance shared with half of The Bell Brothers in Austin, Texas. Enjoy! Spread the love!

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