A Nomad (formerly known as)

It's about time I post something dealing with the spirit and true essence of my being: the traveller. I started travelling in 2011, with my first major three-week trip backpacking around Europe: seven countries, so many memories, and the big eye-opener and game-changer for me. While it came after a break-up, it was not a trip concocted from the pain and misery of a bad break-up with a "true love", it was me deciding I wanted to finally see the world, at least pieces of seven countries. Spoiler: it was the best thing I ever did and would urge every single reader to book that trip RIGHT NOW. You don't have the money? Find it, there's trillions of it lying around (you may have to work for it, though :l). Afraid to travel by yourself? Solo travel is kind of special and encourages you to take on different experiences, push yourself beyond your comforts and even make new friends. If these aren't convincing enough, then find someone that just wants to travel for X period of time. Some other reason? Well, find a reason to go and make that reason a priority.  
I love reading about adventures (ladies, visit the ever-inspiring and supportive Girls Love Travel Facebook group), planning for others and going on my own trips. I once believed travelling was going to some far-away country with different time zones, long flights and a different language, but lately I've come to realize that Ontario, nay, Canada is HUGE (2nd largest in the world, in fact), and there is plenty to start with over here. 
I've got four wheels and I'm going to piece together bits of this beautiful province and country. Stay tuned for the first installment: Owen Sound/ Bruce Peninsula/Tobermory in November! Brrrrrrrrr