1. Innocence

From the recording Innocence

I am grateful to Sowing Seeds international residency for facilitating the space and refreshing environment. To Sister Ritu Mehra for your engaging thought around the idea.
To Tim Parry, Rashiyd Wilson, Paradise One, Scotty French, Paul Blakey, Carl Tomich, Bella and Andreza, Justin & Emma, Cairns Regional Council, Munro Martin Park.

This song began as a thematic exploration of thought: what does it mean to be born? It is a compilation of the responses and reflections of fellow artist’s in residence at the Sowing Seeds International artist residency. It simmered for over a year until it found its rightful place in the set list of songs with a story to tell. Recorded in my rented cabin in the hinterland of Byron Bay, Australia in 2021.