The Power of Resting

How many lessons will it take until a message sinks in? 

I share reflections of my brush with illness and the conversation with a friend that opened and softened me to the importance of deep rest. 

“It’s interesting isn’t it when we think we take the rest we need but when we get sick and it stops us in our tracks, we realise we haven’t been truly resting at all.” – Friend 

It is interesting. 

I’ve believed that for the past two years I’ve been resting, and sitting into rest in ways I’ve not allowed myself to in the past. 

Despite having been sick before, and several hospital visits as a child, this time it was a bit different. My recent run-in with the sweeping virus was particularly hard on my body and head. I struggled with finding comfort in my body and in trying to get rest, ironically. It was about three days of this pain, and another week of recovering. When I woke up, relieved of the full body aches, I had to wonder why those areas were hit so hard and not the others. 

 “Also, society around us [is] all about the hustle – even when we think we have distanced ourselves from it, it’s still very much present.” - Friend 

On a recent three-week trip, I told myself I was on “holiday mode”, but I wasn’t really. Hindsight shows me that while my body was present my mind was trying to live way ahead. I was chasing adventure, the cooler and croc-less ocean waves, self-importance. I was living like it was pre-2020 with plans, plans, plans. Life pulled me up and relegated me to bedrest. Thankfully, a rather mild experience. 

My mind was racing with plans and thoughts and needed to be silenced

My body was tired of trying to catch up to these plans and thoughts and now needed extra rest. 

Slow down, even more. 

Suffice to say, nothing went according to my plans. The trip took a whole new and unexpected shape. Not better or worse, just as it was to be. Of course. Shouldn’t I understand this by now? Deep within, I believe I do, I just need a reminder every now and then. 

“You’ll know when you’re ready to get out & about again, no amount of rest will do you harm that’s for sure” – Friend 

Ain’t that the truth. Tune in and listen to what’s truly going on around and, especially, within. 

It’s always the time to begin implementing the lessons and messages being received.


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